In 2007 an indiepop music festival was born in the unlikeliest of settings - a heritage steam train site, Butterley Derbyshire. INDIETRACKS (30 minutes). Bringing together passionate characters from two very distinct worlds this affectionate portrait is told from the point of view of the retired volunteers that run the locos who have "steam in their blood" and don't really know very much about "this indiepop music". From BIFA winning director Jeanie Finlay, INDIETRACKS is a film about big machines, small bands and unbridled passion.

About the director

Jeanie is an acclaimed British artist and filmmaker who creates intimate, funny and personal documentary films and artworks. Her work includes BIFA winning Orion: The Man Who Would be King (89 mins BBC Storyville) Panto! (71 mins BBC Storyville) The Great Hip Hop Hoax (88 mins BBC Storyville, BBC Scotland)), SOUND IT OUT (75 mins ) Goth Cruise for IFC Teenland (BBC) and interactive documentary Home-Maker. She doesn’t believe in guilty pleasure or New years resolutions, she believes in Dolly Parton.
  • Crew

    • Director / ProducerJeanie Finlay
    • EditorAlice Powell
    • Director of PhotographyMark Bushnell
    • Director of PhotographySteven Sheil
    • Drone PhotographyMatt Rowley
    • Production ManagerSally Hodgson
    • Sound DesignerPip Norton

    Music By

    • Cinerama
    • Emma Kupa
    • Owl + Mouse
    • The Just Joans
    • Go! Team
    • The Tuts
    • Tigercats
    • Jen Schande
    • Ethical Debating Society